5 Types of Videos You Should Be Creating to Help Your Business

In today’s world of business, it’s not enough to just rely on traditional marketing - you need to integrate many forms of digital marketing in order to make an authentic impact and grow your business. You can’t just have a nice looking website with a few pictures or a Facebook page that relies on outside sources of media that you share on through your feed. You need to create videos to reach new and current customers. Videos help with awareness, build trust, and breed authenticity. Here are the five types of videos you should incorporate into your website, social media, interbusiness communications, and your business as a whole.



Whether you sell a product or a service, creating a commercial for placement on TV is a great way to build local and national awareness. It also helps build your brand and showcase your authenticity. Once viewed by the masses, commercials can be placed on social networks like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook in short snippets to help provide short reminders to previous viewers about your brand’s existence. Additionally, television commercials are the #1 driver of organic search - so commercials can help drive new traffic to your website, shortening the conversion time between the research phase and purchase phase of a consumer’s journey. 

Commercials also make people feel something about your brand, when created properly. They help viewers learn about you, what you stand for, and what you sell without feeling like they are being sold to. With proper storytelling, commercials are highly effective in building brand awareness and driving new prospective consumers to your business.

Training Videos


Businesses large and small often require training videos to help teach and train new employees the way the office works. These videos can include training videos around HR policies, the proper way to sell, and even what to expect for your first day on the job. Training videos can help streamline and improve your onboarding process, make basic skills universally available, and can provide 24/7 coaching for employees who may not feel brave enough to ask how to do something. For veteran employees and upper management, training videos can also be incredibly helpful for learning newer processes. When you offer employee training videos, you level the playing field and offer the same advantages to every employee with universal training.

For current consumers, training videos come in handy in the form of how-to videos. When your current customers need to learn how to use your service, software, or product these guided videos allow them to troubleshoot issues through your branded how-to videos. When your company provides these videos, trust is built with your current customer because they don’t have to look on YouTube for another source for how to use something you created. You know your product best, it’s important for your consumers feel that and training videos are the best way to show that.

Social Media Videos

Whether your platform of choice is YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, something new, or a combination of a few - social media videos are great traffic drivers to websites and they live on your profiles to build your brand awareness. Social media is all about making connections but it’s also about scrolling through mass amounts of information quickly so your videos need to be impactful but short. Whether you are creating videos for target consumer markets or future employees, your videos need to hook them from the start. Social videos should be less than three minutes long - especially on Facebook and Instagram, and they need to be impactful from the start with the notion that someone is going to watch them with the sound off.

Social media doesn’t need to be used just for capturing potential customers - it can be used as a source for finding talent, as well. Cultural videos are really popular on social media platforms. When you show what it’s like to work at your company in a thoughtful and genuine way, those videos resonate with future employees and consumers.

Explainer Videos

When a concept may be too complex for the written word or a service you provide is complicated to explain on paper, an explainer video is the perfect route for 101-level explanation of what something means or how something is used. Explainer videos are not as simplified as a how-to video - they are more in-depth and require more time to create. For example, when you create explainer videos, you can incorporate whiteboard elements, animation, testimonials, and interviews to help identify key aspects of your explanation. If you sell a service like web security services and your potential clients have a hard time grasping the full nature of your work, an explainer video is a great asset for your sales presentations. It can help you sell key aspects of your business that may be hard for you to explain face-to-face meetings. 


You might be scratching your head and asking yourself why you need a testimonial video when you probably already have testimonials and reviews on your website. Sometimes it’s hard to read inflection within words on a page, and more often than not written words are boring, but a carefully curated testimonial video about your product or service breathes life into words. You can’t fake confidence when you see it in front of you and there’s a certain authenticity that comes to the forefront when a consumer is talking about a product or service in a positive manner. Testimonial videos help build trust in consumers who may be on the fence about you and your products or services.

Using a Video Production Studio

There are other types of videos you can utilize for your business and however you envision using video marketing to enhance your business, you should always involve a video production studio to help you along the way. Regardless of the video type, the video production process takes time and a good video production team will work with you as a partner to help you find the right style of videos to fit your brand and your need. When we at Tiny Giraffe Pictures work with clients, we put their needs and goals first and we ensure that our clients are our partners during the video production process.