Ezlyn AS - Shaving Razor

Producing a commercial for female razor blades with humorous elements to it isn’t an easy task. If it’s too funny, you can miss the client’s key messaging. If it’s not funny enough, it can seem like you’re joking about women. Ezlyn AS came to us looking for an entertaining an engaging branded commercial that would be remembered in their target market: Norway.

Ezlyn AS Shaving Razor Commercial



Project: Ezlyn AS Shaving Razor Commercial - International

Background: With the right balance of humor and humility, the Ezlyn AS Shaving Razor Commercial resonated in the Norwegian market. Part of the process was finding a big spacious bathroom location that would help create a cinematic feel and sell the narrative. The set needed to feel like it was in Norway, so it was important that the props had Norwegian labels. These little details can help visually demonstrate the authenticity of a brand.

Produced and Directed by Daniel Sorochkin
Cinematography by Cody Powers 
Production Designer Mariana Soares