Seventh Generation requested customer testimonial videos to introduce a new line of professional cleaning products. Production for the testimonial videos started with storytelling elements around the effectiveness of Seventh Generation cleaning products in a professional environment.

Seventh Generation Customer Testimonial Production

Project: Unilever Professional - Seventh Generation Testimonials

Background: Unilever gave Maia Salon and Spa products to try from the new professional line from Seventh Generation. After understanding Uniliver’s goals, questions were constructed that would lead the spa personnel to tell the story we want. Outdoor visuals were imperative for the video testimonial production because we wanted to convey the message of a green product and a company that cares about keeping the environment clean. Upstate New York was the perfect backdrop and we recorded some of the visuals outside the spa to show nature and give the message that this is what the product is protecting. Employees played a hand in this, as well, by describing how safe the products made them and how surprised they were when they saw how well the products cleaned.

Directed and Produced by Daniel Sorochkin
Cinematography by Andrea Gavazzi