TAJA Coconut Water

In the beverage world, it’s not always easy to show differentiation between products - especially coconut water where it’s widely believed that all coconut waters are created equal. This couldn’t be further from the truth and TAJA Coconut Water needed a commercial video produced to be light, fun, engaging, and showcasing how their coconut water is better for you than other brands. The video shoot was as fun and engaging to produce as it is to watch!

TAJA Coconut Water Commercial


Project: TAJA Coconut Water. Coconut asking the real questions.

Background: What makes one brand of coconut water different than another? The answer is as clear as water. Conveying the message of clarity was fun to conceptualize and the clients really liked it. Part of the process was to find a way to personify the coconut and make a video that involves a stationary inanimate object engaging, visually beautiful, and fun to watch.

Directed by Daniel Sorochkin
Produced by Daniel Sorochkin and Mitchell Lazar
Cinematography by Cody Powers
Production Designer Dani Broom-Peltz