Rooh Afza - Summer Drink

How do you get Americans curious about a drink that's very foreign to them and keep them interested enough to try it out? That was the challenge ahead of us for Rooh Afza. Using Times Square as a backdrop, we were able to capture real-time footage through an experiential event that was unforgettable.

Branded Content, Real-Time Video


Project: Rooh Afza - Pakistani Drink. A tribute to the drink in Times Square. 

Background: Rooh Afza is a popular drink in many cultures but somewhat foreign to the American market. To make Americans and tourists curious about the drink, they screened a video on the Nasdaq screen in Times Square. Our task was to capture real-time video of people walking through Times Square as their video was showing to capture emotion and then to have people taste test the drink on camera. Experiential video was shot when people were given the drink to try. We were able to drive awareness of their drink while getting people excited to try it out.

The awareness campaign was a huge hit on social media networks like Facebook and YouTube.


Produced and Directed by Daniel Sorochkin
Cinematography by Cody Powers
Additional photography and video by Moojig Battsogt Chimid