Homie App 

Finding an apartment in Israel is filled with stress and isn’t something anyone looks forward to. Homie app creators launched a way to find the perfect apartment without all the stress but needed a way to introduce their app to the Israeli market in a fun way with a comedic approach that tapped into the pain points that Israelis experience when living in an apartment and looking for one, as well.

Commercial Production Series



Project: Awareness driven commercial production for Homie - an apartment finding app.

Background: Homie was looking for a comedic response to finding an apartment in Israel, which can be very stressful. Homie App owners were looking to introduce their app to the market as a way to take the stress out of finding the perfect place to live. A series of three short comedic commercials were pitched with the idea that they would create entertainment value, and with concepts that would create a camaraderie for the audience with regard to the the highly-relateable struggle of the finding an apartment.

Directed and Written by Daniel Sorochkin
Cinematography by Roi Vissel