Fit Hit - Combat Fitness Gym

From the start, the element of surprise hooks you in and draws you into the story. Fit Hit needed a video that combined intensity with curiosity and the opening scene gets the audience pumped to watch the rest. This explainer video was exciting to produce. Given the technological advances available to Fit Hit, it was imperative to make the audience feel like you can get a phenomenal workout that you can accurately track.

Explainer Video


Project: Introduction to Fit Hit - a new high intensity combat fitness experience that combines a fun atmosphere, technological facilities and safe environment.

Background: The client wanted to make a high-energy fast paced video that made people want to learn about his combat fitness gym and pumped to go train there. Creating a hook from the very beginning that would connect the combat aspect was crucial. It gets women and men alike to think about the added benefits of this gym: they can learn to protect themselves and get in shape simultaneously. Combat fitness can often feel dark, so creating a colorful and exceptional looking set to create the branded content video was important. Finding people who looked like they were in the zone, completely focused, and totally immersed into their workouts helped solidify the intense tone of the video.

Produced and Directed by Daniel Sorochkin
Cinematography by Zach Stone